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Below are a few quotes from community members describing what the rink has meant to them and the importance of keeping the Belmont Rink

“Besides school and my home, there is nowhere in town I’ve spent more of my life. I’ve practically lived
at the rink with my hockey friends from November to March, since I was 4. It’s been a special place and
a huge part of my life.”
Cam Fici, Co-Captain BHS Boys Hockey, BHS Class of 2023

“The hockey rink is my home where I spend most of my time. I can meet new people and friends. But
the best part is there are so many fun events at the rink. I love hockey!”
Layla Banosian, BYHA U10
Girls Team

“My family and I went to Sunday public skating hours this winter. There was a huge crowd at the rink.
To me, it felt like being at the pool on a busy summer day. This is despite the fact that the rink offers no
rentals and otherwise has limited facilities. I have no doubt that an upgraded rink will see a much greater
use by the town residents.”
Nitin Sonawane, Belmont resident

"The rink has meant a lot to me over the past 20 years both as a player and a coach. As a volunteer
coach with the BHS Boys Hockey team, I have seen hundreds of kids come and go through the years
and the reason we have had success and high numbers every year is because of the ice rink. I hope we
are able to serve the next generation of student athletes the right way by building a new facility in our
own community."
Paul Garabedian, BHS Class of 2004, Volunteer Coach

“I could not be more happy or excited to see all three of my grandchildren skating. It’s a healthy outlet for
them. They build confidence, week by week. When my grandchildren first began skating at the Belmont
rink, I took skating lessons so I could gain enough confidence to skate with them.. It wasn’t long before
we all skated together. Skating, and especially hockey, has become a very important part of the family’s
life. We all hope there will continue to be a rink in Belmont for community use.”
Cathryn Griffin, Belmont

“The rink is not only a place for me to play a sport I love, but it is also a place to make memories with
friends and family. I would hate not to have a rink because it has been such an important place to me all
of my life. I hope other kids can have the same great experience too.”
Caroline French, BYHA U14 Girls

“I have been with the S.P.O.R.T program for 25 years. This program provides a unique opportunity for
people of all abilities to bond and form long lasting friendships. A new skating rink would provide a safe,
accommodating facility for ALL members of our community including those with special needs.”

Christine Burke, S.P.O.R.T Volunteer and Coach

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