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Rinks Build Communities 
Help make our community stronger

  • ·       The Belmont rink hosts a multitude of programs for members of our community ages 3 to 93 and has hundreds of skaters and coaches on the ice each week. 

  • ·       In one of the most challenging times in a generation, the rink provides an unique opportunity for children and adults of all ages and skill levels to come together in the long and dark days of the winter months to support, challenge, and learn from each other. 

  • ·       The current rink is failing and in need of urgent attention.  Originally built in 1968 as an outdoor rink and enclosed in 1980, it does not meet current building codes, fire & life safety requirements or accessibility regulations.

  • ·       Due to the structural and mechanical issues, each year there is a considerable risk the rink will not be able to function.  If this occurs the rink would close as there is no funding for the Town of Belmont to renovate the building and for the first time in 55 years Belmont residents who use the rink each winter would be without access to a town rink and need to rent ice time in other communities.  


With the help of volunteers and philanthropic support, plans are underway to create a new rink for all members of our community which is a safe, welcoming, and supportive home that promotes physical and mental wellness.  Our new rink will be an impactful resource to Belmont residents and generations to come by offering programming which fosters values of – teamwork, inclusion, resilience, and friendship. Through this campaign we hope to expand programs and our current reach through financial assistance programs, community building events and additional recreation programs. 

Visit the Belmont Rink Website today to learn more about the various programs. 

Community Programs 

Women's Learn to Play                                Stick and Pick 
School PTA Stake  MYGCL                           Mens Hockey League  
Valley Hockey League                                  Hockey Skills      
Belmont High School                                     Figure Skating
Women's Scrimmage.                                  Public Skate 
Private Rentals                                                  Belmont Hill School 
Speed Skating                                                    Baystate Skating School
Matignon School 
First Responders
League (Fire vs Police)                               
SPORT (Special Programs Organization and Recreation Time     


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