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Rink Conditions

The Current State of Our Rink

Our rink truly needs your help to make it a safer and more enjoyable place to skate. The damage to our rink is so extensive that it affects everyone that visits, whether you're in the stands or on the rink. Details for all the damage to our rink can be seen below to know what your donations will be going towards.

Also, see the galleries further below for a first hand view of the conditions throughout our rink.


There are several holes throughout the rink located on the roof and walls that allow water to fall into the rink and cause holes and mounds. These water leaks cause ice surface damage which is dangerous for the kids skating but also significantly damages the rinks foundation and contents. One particular leak causes water to fall into the scorekeepers box. You will often see the scorekeepers wearing a rain jacket or using an umbrella indoors. 


The foundation of the structure has become unstable and has caused the building to sag on its rear side where the locker rooms are located. As a result all water pools to the rear and has caused damage to the locker rooms and the rear structure. This also makes filling the rink extremely difficult as all water runs to the rear and the ice surface is extremely difficult to maintain. 


Gaps and missing walls have allowed wildlife to enter the building. Over the summer season there are several animals living inside the building and keeping them out in the winter becomes an issue. Birds fly in and can often be found in the building day and night. Other unwanted rodents and animals can not be kept out due to these missing walls, panels and general gaps. 

Wind Damage

Over the years the wind has blown out many panels and wall sections. This not only creates an unsafe environment, but it also effects how the rink is insulated and makes it impossible to maintain any sort of temperature. In the middle of winter when the temperatures are at their lows, the rink will often times be as cold as the outdoor temperatures , making it dangerous for children inside. 

Lack of Maintenance

Many surfaces on the general structure have significant rust and edges that could cause bodily harm.

The bathroom facilities are often in and out of working order and usually unsanitary.

Deteriorating bleachers and benches are starting to fail and could collapse.

Some doors often become stuck and some no longer are in working order. Many of the electrical and plumbing systems are also either not functional or on the verge of failure.


Much of the equipment in the rink is close to failing and is on a constant cycle of repair. Due to its old age and not enough resources to maintain some of this more complicated equipment, trying to maintain a safe ice surface has become a constant struggle. Some of these systems could fail at any point and trying to replace or repair some of these systems at a time like this may not even be a possibility. 

Inside The Rink

Outside The Rink


Help us fund the new rink and provide the community with a safe place to skate

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